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How can my husband apply for a passport / residency visa?

edited July 2014 in - South Africa
I am a South African national and my husband is Lebanese. How do we go about applying for a SA passport or residency for him? Cant seem to find concrete answers anywhere and the consulate never answer the phones. Please note that we both currently live in Dubai.


  • How long have you been married? If you have been married for less than five years your husband can only apply for a temporary spousal residence visa, which requires the following:

    A marriage certificate.
    Proof of your South African spouses citizenship or residence.
    A letter of support from your South African spouse.
    Completed medical and radiological clearance forms.
    A completed temporary residency application form.

    If you have been married for longer than five years he can apply for permanent residence, however these applications can take up to two years to process, so it may be better to go for temporary residence if you are planning to emigrate any time soon.
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    Anya, I do not think Boatswife understands that after applying for residence (permanent or temporary) they must leave Dubai and live in South Africa, as a foreign national , even if they are married to a South African, must show they have lived in South Africa for five years before they can be granted South African citizenship.
  • True... I assumed that they were planning to emigrate. Otherwise why bother?
  • The reason I bought it up is because, many times, I have come across couples who think simply because they are married they are able to take the citizenship of their partner. 
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