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travelling in Thailand without a passport

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I am in Koh Phangan and have had my passport stolen. Can I book an internal flight and travel to Bangkok without a passport? My tour guide is unsure. Anyone with any advice?


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    you may be able to fly on photo ID but you should contact your nearest government embassy if your passport has been stolen while abroad.

    what is your nationality?
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    i only have a photocopy of my passport, but would assume they would let me travel with this under the circumstances, and seeing that i am not crossing any borders. I am South African and have already contacted the embassy in Bangkok. I HAVE to go there to get any form of documentation going. Not even police certified copies of my finger prints are good enough!!??!!
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    its certanly a bit of a treck to get back to Bangkok from Koh Phangan. If you dont have time to get to Bangkok you should contact the airline and explain your circumstances before you travel.

    you are really just delaying the inevitable really as you'll need to sort it eventually .aspx?Language=en-ZA
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    I am travelling to Samui tomorrow, so there is at least a Bangkok Airlines office there. Have been in touch with travel agent and parents at home, so all seems to be coming together. Just expensive!!! Lots of extra expenses.
    Oh well. Cant say my trips been boring.

    Thanks for replying
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    no problem, hope you get it sorted out. enjoy the rest of your trip
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    Why don't you take an overnight bus up to Bangkok? No need for a passport when travelling overland. Once there you can get a temp passport sorted with the South African consulate.

    The bus is a lot cheaper than flying , although obviously takes much longer and is a bit uncomfortable.
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