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Schengen Visa rejection issue

edited July 2014 in Africa
I and my wife had booked a package through a travel agency .

It was for a europe tour and they( the travel agent ) had to apply to
the embassy, a multiple entry schengen visa with starting point as

The departure date was 28th and our VISA got rejected on 26th.

They send me the travel vouchers on 25th in which it shows that the flight bookings were confirmed on 21st

They also send me the briefing sheet ( please note , not the hotel
voucher ) on the 25th in which only the name of the hotels and dates are
there. There is nothing mentioned about the confirmation of hotels

Is there any chance that the VISA got rejected due to the negligence of the travel agency .

I need some experts opinion on this

The rejection reason on the letter issues by france embassy to me is

"you have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence, for the
duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of
origin or residence of for the transit to a third country to which you
are certainly to be admitted, or you are not in a position to obtain
such means lawfully"

Now how do i know for which reason they have rejected?

1) were there not sufficent funds in my balance?

2) Did I not provide any proof of attachment to my country of origin like property , assets etc?

Is travel agent responsible for the mess as they were supposed to guide
me on this, becauseI had booked the complete package through them, i.e
VISA, travel, stay , sightseing everything.

I have send a appeal for the refusal , but I guess they will take ages to reply.

I would be very grateful if someone with knowledge about all this would advice me.


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    You were rejected because you failed to provide evidence of funds and return to your country of origin.

    1. You failed to provide evidence  i.e. bank statements  as proof that you had sufficient funds for the duration of your stay.

    2. No evidence i.e flight reservations/tickets returning to your country of origin.

    You may as well apply for another visa as Schengen appeals take forever, some are never dealt with.

    I cannot say if you travel agent was negligent as I have no idea what documents you gave to him as evidence of your financial situation.

    I am a UK immigration law conversant with EU law.

  • Thanks a lot for your reply

    As I will be reapplying now

    is 200 euros a day for both of us sufficient proof of funds? As I will be maintaining around 3000 euros for 9 days.

    Also I have investment in gold bond certificate and insurance and
    operational business to show that i will be returning back to my

    Please advice is the above should be sufficient


  • I believe 200 Euros should be sufficient as your hotel is already paid for, You also have good evidence to prove you will return to your home country.
  • Thanks a lot for your advice.
    Hope it works for me

    Shall update you later

    Bye and thanks once again
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    This is great info. I'll be applying very soon and having this info handy should speed up the process or at the very least, help me avoid delays and whatnot. Thanks guys!
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