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Turkish citizen with British passport- help!

edited July 2014 in - Turkey
My son-in-law is Turkish and my daughter and her children all are Turkish citizens so have turkish kimlik cards which they use on entering Turkey every year so do not use their British passports. We are travelling there again in 3 days and I noticed that my son in law and daughters UK passports will expire 3 days before the 6 months rule (19th January 2015). I am sure they can just use their citizens cards when they get there .(I have an e-visa) What do you think? Do I need to panic????


  • There is no need to panic. Your daughter and her family leave the UK on their British passports, enter Turkey on their Kimlik and then return to the UK on their British passports. There is no six month rule for entering your home country, in this case the UK.
  • Alethia is right, nothing to worry about.. .however i do need to point out, you can not fly anywhere else from Turkey (except back to the UK) as you would have entered if ID and not international stamped passport..

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