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travel requirments to UK

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My son has Israeli passport, expiry date on 14-8-2014, he has permanent residency in UK. Can he travel to UK from Israel on 12-8-2014?


  • Your son may have indefinite leave to remain in the UK but he does not have a British passport. As your son does not hold a British or  EEA passport he is required to enter the UK on a valid passport that remains valid for the duration of his stay. So I suggest your son renews his passport in Israel asap.
  • But he can stay in UK for ever since he got indefinite leave to remain in the UK, and after 4 months he will have British citizenship.
  • So what if he has indefinite leave to remain, he is not a British citizen . Who says he will have citizenship in four months ? He has not even applied yet.
    I am a British immigration lawyer , with many years experience  so take my advice or leave it.
  • Thank you for your efforts, but who has indefinite leave to remain has the right to
    stay in UK as long as he wishes, regardless of his passport validity. Any way could
    you please send me a proof of what you wrote. Thank you again.

  • Hani:

    If you know the answers, then why ask the question? Your son will not be able to travel internationally without a valid passport.
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    Hani , you are correct a person who has indefinite leave to remain has the right to stay in the UK as long as he wishes. But your son IS NOT in the UK he is in Israel with an Israeli passport that is about to expire.

    Look here under "You're not from an EEA country" where it says

    You must have a valid passport to enter the UK. It must be valid throughout your stay.

    Oy vey Jewish mothers are now qualified immigration lawyers - pass the chicken soup.

  • My son will stay in UK for 2 years before coming back for short holiday in Israel, so does he need 2 years validity passport? surely not. So I think that the sentence: "It must be valid throughout your stay" doesn't apply for who has indefinite leave to remain visa.
    I say for Anya that I am not sure for my argument, so I am asking.
  • edited July 2014
    You are not sure of your argument but you are happy to argue with the British government rules. So all the people living in the UK with ILR do not need passports ? Your son is NOT a British citizen and indefinite leave can be removed so it does not grant your son any special exemption.

    You are expected to submit a valid passport with your British citizenship application, so what will your son do then?

    It would also be easier for your son to renew his passport in his home country than at the Embassy of Israel in London.He then enters the UK with both his old an new passport.

    But hey what do I know as a qualified lawyer, you are obviously someone who thinks she knows it all, so good luck to you
  • I think e needs to be a citizen of uk, to do that
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