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American Working in West Africa

edited July 2014 in Africa
Hi, A Friend is talking to one online and in view of life at home is finding the Online Friend lovely I think shes being set up/conned so have the following questions He claims to be American working on a building project in NIGERIA Questions: (1), Do you need Jabs against various Diseases if going to Nigeria and how far in advance of travel (2), Do you need a Visa to work in Nigeria and how far in Advance do you need to apply (3), Is there any time limits on working in Nigeria (4) The phone number she has been given for him is a Nigerian one How likely are you to buy one for use whilst in Nigeria


  • Yes, you do need immunisations, and you do need to apply for a visa in advance. Just tell your friend to be VERY wary and cut off all contact the second he asks her for money.
  • Non Nigerians must have the legal right to work in Nigeria   (work permit required) and its highly unlikely a US
    citizen will be on a building project. Nigerians are very educated and are quite capable of running any type of construction project.

    Americans can only work in Nigeria if the US company that employs them is registered in Nigeria. That is only oil companies and they bring in their own employees who live on compounds for foreign employees. As Nigeria can be a dangerous place.

    The minute this man asks for ANYTHING your friend should stop all contact
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