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Sri Lankan on 6 months domestic worker visa

edited July 2014 in - Spain and Portugal
Hello, please can you advise if our nanny, a Sri Lankan national sponsored by my husband to work for us in Dubai but who is here in London with us for a few months on a UK domestic workers visa, can travel with us to Spain for 1 week?  Does she need to apply for a Shengen Visa?  We will be flying to and from Gibraltar and then crossing into Andalucia.  This is for a family holiday.  Thank you


  • She will need a Schengen visa.
  • Hi i met a guy last year 2013 from social networking. He told me that he was from Township UK. We chat and he showed his interest in me. He wanted me to post my nude pictures but I had done it last year. He asked me whether I trust him and I told him yes. We chat for quite sometime. At last he send me a trust fund of 650000 pounds. At first I paid 5000 in Malaysian ringgit for the documents and fund clearance feel. Then I pay again another 20000 ringgit malaysia. We keep chatting through email and the first words that he will say will be the greeting, his feelings when I email.him and at last he will ask how's the progress of the money. After he sent me the fund,there was a man calling and told me that he was a credit manager of a bank who managed the unit trust telling me that the fund is at their bank. After I have paid the first amount of RM25000 and the officer told me that I have to pay again that is RM28000 but I have paid him the RM20000 and still have the balance. When I told the guy that I can't make the payment he told me that he will sue and bring the Interpol to catch me because he said I already have his money and run away with it. I try not to email him but he email me asking why I.didn't reply. Please help and give advice. Thanks
  • Lucky5702 this is a total scam and you must stop all contact immediately, change your email address, you phone number etc. 

    There is no such place in the UK called Township. This person is in the wrong not you. No one is going to contact Interpol this is how scammers scare you into sending more and more money.
    The so called bank manager is probably his friend who is in on the scam with the man you are writing to.

    There is no such transaction where a bank will ask for large sums of money to release funds or documents. 

    As for sending nude photos your scammer will probably use your photos with a false identity which he will then use to scam other people.

    Please stop sending money and stop all contact now.

  • Lucky5702, Alethia is absolutely right, this is a scam. There is no trust fund. Stop contact immediately, change your email address and other contact details and move on. It is terrible that you have lost money, but there is very little you can do about that now. Protect yourself from any additional pain by changing those details so that he can't keep pestering you.
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