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Connection flight in Schengen under 180 day limit

edited July 2014 in - France
Alright so my situation is a bit different. Any information would be appreciated.
I've been in France since May, and will be leaving in August (just under 90 day stay), and heading back to the US.
Now, I know I have to wait 90 days before reentering the Schengen area...but...does that include connection flights?
I'm going back to Tunisia in September and will need to connect either in Italy, France, or Germany...which is the Schengen area...but that's UNDER my 90 days OUT.
I don't want to be stopped at the airport, be slapped with a fine and never be able to enter a Europe again. I'd much rather just move my ticket...
Thank you!


  • edited July 2014
    If you only transit in the airport  (do not go outside the airport) you do not require a Schengen visa nor does it count towards the 90 days you are allowed to stay under the Schengen rules. What nationality are you?
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