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I am a foreign national stranded in Tripoli because of the current crisis at Tripoli Airport. I need to go home in an emergency. The Tunisian Embassy in Tripoli is also closed. Do the Tunisian Immigration staff issue transit visa at the border between Tunisia nad Tripoli to allow me to take a flight to Istanbul from Djerba or Tunis


  • What country are you from?
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    The attack on the airport was five days ago . The airport is open for business and while most international airlines have cancelled flights Libyan Airlines, Emirates and Afriqyah airlines are still flying in and out of Tripoli.
    Today for example you could have taken the Libyan air flight at 5.45pm to Tunis, then on to Istanbul.
  • Maj, I hope you are safe. If you can tell me your nationality on your passport? If UK or Us then you can have visa at crossing, if french or other major eu the same. If you are working in Libya your employer should be able to help. If not your best bet is to get to the border with all your dox. Sure the Tunisians allow you to enter
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