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Schengen Business Visa

edited July 2014 in Middle East
I have two concerns:

1. Am I able to travel to Paris with my multiple Schengen visa approved through the Germany Embassy without traveling to Germany.
2.Do I need to provide any kind of proof at the airport during the entry and exit, will they ask for an Itinerary to travel to Germany as well.

Please advise me.


  • Hi Lincy,
    You should be fine. French border control may want proof of where you are staying and what you are doing in Paris, but are unlikely to care whether you go to Germany or not. Take along your itinerary as what they care most about is proof that you will be leaving their country. Although it is advisable to get your visa issued by the country which is either first on your itinerary or the destination where you are spending the most time, this rule is seldom actually enforced once your visa has been issued and you are in the Schengen zone. No matter which country issues it, the visa is valid for all Schengen countries. I have travelled to Italy on a visa issued by the Netherlands and had absolutely no issue. I hope that helps.
  • Dear Ella,

    Thank you so much for your help :)

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