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traveling to spain: passport advice

Hi, I have my Hungarian passport that will expires in November 2009... I need to go to Hungary in order to renew it to get the new EU passaport. (Where I reside there is no Hungarian Consul).My ticket from here to Madrid to change plane to Hungary.

Can I enter Spain with my current passaport?

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    Try the passport website Elisabeth or the spanish passport requirements for entering there country. I know you have to forward your passport details ( number) before you enter there country.
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    Elisabeth try luck!!
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    Hi I am currently on a family permit in the UK.
    (EU Family Member)

    I want to go fishing in Spain in August what do i require?
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    My 16 year old daughter is traveling to Spain to stay with a family in Spain for one month. This is not through an exchange program; she will stay with personal family friends there. Besides her passport, are there any special requirements for her to enter the country since she is only 16?
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    Hi i am holding a south african pasport but want to go out to lanzarotte to go visit my girlfriend what do i require?
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    I have a friend that came to the US through marriage and her passport has run out, she lives in Ohio and the marriage is not working out and wants to return to Spain for good, she has family there. She was told the only way to get one is to go to Chicago which she doesn`t drive and no means of getting there, is there anyway she can get one through the internet (forms etc) she is in desperate need to get back home. Thank You,

    Sincerly, Ms. Savich
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