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job sponsor from uk london

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DR. MICHAEL WILLIAM No 138 King Adam Street, London UK CV8 2GR Tel: +447010065868
this man ready to sponsor me for job in uk
but m confused what if he might be fake
he even sendd me job agreement letter in which its written that dr.william is responsible for my visit in Uk london nd You will be responsible for the payment of your working visa/work permit fee to the UK embassy over there in your country as a proof of readiness to join this job and to enable them secure an appointment for your visa. This is the only cost you have to pay which will be refunded back to you when you get to UK to resume work. I will be responsible for your flight ticket and all other formalities.
shall i agree?


  • Nope. Requiring any sort of payment upfront is a BIG red flag. This sounds like a scam.
  • I am a UK immigration lawyer and I can assure you that this is not the way that work permits are processed.
    The address in London is false there is no King Adam Street in London and the post code is not a London postcode CV8 2GR is the postcode for a street in the town of Kenilworth located 102 miles north of London.

    Anya is correct this is not a real job offer but a scam.

    What type of job did this man offer you?
  • supervive nd manage other worker nd help him in business
    u said its a scam but why he is doing tht for?
  • Usually these people take money from you by asking for up front fees to cover their expenses.

    You can only apply as a Tier 2 Skilled worker if it is a vacancy for a shortage occupation, such engineers,nurses, social workers,welders etc.

     Also your employer must have a license from the UK Visas and Immigration to be able to employ foreign workers , without this license you cannot even think of applying for a visa,

    Here is a list of companies who have an employers license.

    I have also advised you that this man's address is fake , you can verify this on Google Maps.

  • thanks alot can u help me out m a automobile engineer with autocad i want to wrk in uk can u suggest me sme valid companies tht can sponsor me frm india
  • edited July 2014
    In the UK, British citizens and EEA citizens have the first choice of jobs before non EEA nationals.

  • then how i'll get sponsorship for uk
    m a multi talented
    ma mechanic as well and can repair car nd other vehicles plz if u knw sm1 who can sponser me thn plz help me out
  • I have answered you in my previous post. There is not a shortage of car mechanics in the UK and you do not meet the criteria for a UK work permit.
  • edited September 2014
    Is it true?
  • Dear,Sir/Madam
    How to I get sponsors visa In over UK.I'm Automotive Diagnosis technician.I have a excellence work experience,skills,qualifications & ASE certificate.
  • @Sqcontwd123
    Your type of work would not meet the criteria for the UK points based system work visas.There are plenty of British people able to do this work.

    Employment visas are only granted to employers who can prove that the vacancy is on the government list of shortage occupations, and are highly qualified.

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