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Travel to Hawaii and passport requirement


I would like to make a trip to Hawaii by August 09. I stay in Phoenix. I do have a valid passport to stay in US till 2011. Do I need a passport to travel to Hawaii? While returning from Hawaii to Phoenix do I need to go through immigration again?

Thanks in advance for any valuable information.

Thanks - Laxman


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    I myself am a military wife traveling to Hawaii to be stationed there for the first time. I leave in two weeks. From what I understand, Hawaii is still a state within the US, so therefore a passport is not required at all. Supposing that you are a US citizen, that is. Animals have a much harder time getting through, as I've found with my dogs, but again supposing you are a humanoid US citizen, all you should need is your driver's license. Enjoy!
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    Hi. I'm from Singapore. I would like to visit Hawaii from 10th to the 26th Dec. How do I go about appyling for visa?
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    HI.I'm from Greece.i would like to visit hawaii 13th to the 28th of October of 2010.How do i go about applying for visa?
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    Hi, I'm from Greece.I would like to visit Hawaii from 13th to the 28th of October of 2010. How do i go about applying for visa? What are the visa requirements for Hawaii?
  • Hello Maya,

    Well everyone knows that a person like (said to be a humanoid US citizen) preferably cannot go without dogs, as you live with them and act like them. Start loving every creature on this world. As mother Theresa said, when a person start differentiating things, he/she cannot love others including their own family. Hope you will start loving everyone.

    Thanks - Lakshman
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    Aloha! I'm Jimmy from Canada and I would like to know about work visa to Hawaii. I looked for sites w/ informations and didn't find anything. Thanks to who answer me!
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    hi am im flying out from lax to hawaii. i have a valid mexican passport would this be fine as to use as an identification? Also would there be US immigration getting to hawaii or coming back from Hawaii to LAX?
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    Hi! i am a filipina and wants to go to hawaii this coming june 9,2011 to meet my boyfriend there,i have a valid passport i still need a tourist visa in order to go there?what are the requirements needed?if i stay there in about three months?
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