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Turkey/Egypt visa for Indian passport holder living on unmarried partner Visa in the UK

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Hello everyone,
Just wondering if I need a visa for the above countries or is there any advantage for me to acquire it easily. Any advice or suggesstions will be much appreciated.



  • I'm assuming nobody has any advice for me.
  • You'll need a visa for both countries, you can apply for them in the UK at the relevant embassies.
  • Thank you Anya. Is there any information on applying tourist visa for Egypt from the UK on this forum?
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    I suggest you contact the Egyptian Consulate in London, they'll be able to advise you:
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    You can have your Egyptian visa when you arrive their at the airport , i also recommend you to ask the Egyptian embassy in UK
  • As an Indian citizen you DO require a visa for Egypt it is not granted on arrival you must apply to the Egyptian consulate in London.

    For Turkey you can apply for an E visa as they take into consideration that you have a valid UK visa.
  • thankyou all for your advice

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