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ukraine women

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who pays for what if a if a guy from usa was to marry a ukraine woman?


  • That would rather be between the two parties. I would advise extreme caution if you haven't met though, there are a lot of sad stories on this forum of people being scammed.
  • thank you
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    I agree with Anya but I have to say, how cheap are you doc?  If this was for real, do you think Ukrainian women are rolling in money? it is a very poor country.

    In my experience as a lawyer assisting spouses , partners and fiancées to enter the UK and Europe I can assure you that 90% of the time the person from the foreign country contributes little or nothing to the wedding. 

    There would not be much to spare after paying for her flight ticket. The Ukrainian woman's family would probably not be at the wedding as they would not be rich enough to buy air tickets and it is very difficult to obtain a visa to the USA.

    So after this woman has travelled thousands of miles and left her family to marry you in the USA you want her to pay money for the wedding. What a tight wad !!

  • Hay i agree to Ukrainian women family is not richest. they would not be risk and to not traveled to other country for long distance

  •'s not about being a cheap wad! I have questions without answers. It's always good to know ahead of time! What ever it is that your getting into. I appreciate the honest answers! It made me check myself. That excuse, "I didn't know" doesn't work!
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