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Can I convert my Visitor visa into Study Visa..??

I have a Schengen Visa issued from Austria Embassy. Can I convert my Visitor visa into Study Visa in Austria..??


  • Each country has its own domestic law relating to students so you need to know where you want to study then enquire at the place of study if you can apply for a student visa in country.
  • Alethia... I want to study in Austria.
  • She means which school do you want to study at.
  • Ngahunia. If you are in Austria on a Schengen visa go to the school where you want to study and ask them what are the requirements to change to a student visa.
  • ok.. thanks for help
  • I agree with many of the comments above, when i was in Switzerland as a student, i ended up using EPEK - they were a company that helped foreign nationals with a whole host of relocation and advisory services. Hope that helps!
  • Yes you easily change your visa .
  • @PaulAnka
    Do not make statements that you cannot prove as you look like a fool
    Visitors on a 90 Schengen visa CANNOT change to a student visa. They must return to their home countries to apply.
    There is an exception for citizens of a small number of countries (USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea and, with some restrictions, Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras and some European micro-states

    People on a UK visit visa CANNOTchange to a student visa
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