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Weather in Vancouver and where to ski?

edited July 2014 in - Canada
Hi there,
I have been invited to visit some friends living in Vancouver. When is the best time to visit this city? I am a keen snowboarder, so I would like to hit the slopes if possible, but don't want to visit in the peak winter months if the weather is really unbearable because I want to experience something of the city and surroundings as well... any way to get the best of both worlds? And where is the best place to ski near the city?


  • Hi Laurence,
    You're actually in luck with your choice of Canadian city. Although Canadian winters are kind of notorious, Vancouver is actually surprisingly mild, although the weather is generally quite unpredictable. The city itself doesn't get much snow, but the resorts on the surrounding mountains get plenty, so you should be able to hit the ski slopes and still experience the city without freezing to death. Check out this Vancouver Travel Guide, which includes advice about weather and when to visit.
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