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Visas for South African travellers

I don’t think that the Spanish Embassy in SA really knows how difficult it is to get a "certified" letter of inviation from Spain before you can apply for a visa in SA with the Spanish Embassy.

I would like to point out the following to the Spanish Embassy and explain to them how impossible it is for anyone to obtain the certified letter of invitation which is supposed to come from the Commissioner of Police here in Spain. They are so rude and when I tried to get this letter for some SA friends of mine, the Policeman told me that if I do not produce all of the following correct documents to him, all done in Spanish, he will make sure that all South Africans visiting Spain will end up in the sea! This kind of primitive and racialistic attitude makes people not want to come and visit Spain and support the local tourism.

The Spanish Embassy in Pretoria “application for visas department in South Africa” needs to know how impossible it is to provide all the correct documentation in time!

I was informed by the Commissioner of Police that I need the following before I can even apply for a letter of inviation. “Carta de Invitacion”

1 Copy of my title deeds of my property and/or a copy of my rental agreement
which is in Spanish. This is over 30 pages long!
2. A certificate in Spanish noting my property value and the registration thereof.
3 Certificate of how many people are living with me in my property
5. A cerified copy of my local residence (which I do not have - only a Fiscal number) I am an EU citizen of the Netherlands and can live here, as I do, for approx 6 months of the year, dividing my time between South Africa and Sweden for the rest of the 6 months of each year.
6. A ceritifed copy of my passport (it is being re-newed in Madrid so I can only get this next week)
7. A certified copy of the visitor´s passport (which must be posted to me) They will not accept scanned copies!
8. My residency cetificate (I still have SA residency so this is impossible) although I have a Dutch passport.
9. Certified copy of proof of all the visitor´s family and their status with copies of all their cerificates (Birth, residence etc) which must then be translated into Spanish!
10 A recent photograph of me together with the visitor to prove that she actually is my friend. This cannot be digital and must be original copy! Sorry, don´t have this!
11. Then a copy of proof of employment of the visitor in South Africa, where and from when and this must be in Spanish.
12. A copy of her Bond and repayments to the bank. In Spanish
13. A letter from her Bank in Spanish proving her credibility.
14 An ORIGINAL letter from the department of foreign affairs in SA proving the visitor´s citizenship
15. A letter from the Spanish Embassy in South Africa agreeing to these requirments and confirming all the documents above.
16. All the above documents MUST have official HOME AFFAIRS stamped and revenue stamps, to prove their authenticity as well as stamped by the Embassy of Spain in South Africa, before posting these to me, before I can even try to obtain the official letter “Carta de Invitacion”.
All the above documents I then have to take to a NOTARY in Spain to have them certified once again and for this I must make an appointment and pay at least Euro 100.

Even if the above were all possible, they will still find an excuse not to grant me this letter of invitation which can only be obtained from the Commissioner of Police here in Spain for which I have to queu up to see for several days!

I have sent a letter of invitation and copies of my utility accounts to the visitor last week, and before that was sufficient. However, I am prepared to send by post, copies of my Escritura, NIE., tax returns in Spain and copy of my passport when I get it back from Madrid as well as copies of my bank account in Spain. Surely this will be sufficient? I am an honest person and would not want any dishonest person visiting me here in Spain. Why is it so difficult?
My friend who lives here in Spain obtained a visa for her son who lives in SA and has a SA passport, just by producing two utility bills. This was done in Cape Town without any problems and the son is arriving here in Spain, this week for 10 days holiday.
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