Taking my child here in bahrain

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Hi there guys!some body whi knows.if there a possibility of taking my child here bahrain since her mother and I is not married?,what will i do?


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    Firstly it depends on the parental rights you have in your own country as to whether or not you can remove the child.  What country are you from ? Are you on the child's birth certificate? Does the mother consent to you taking the child?How old is the child? Who will care for the child when you go to work? 
     Countries have to be mindful of child trafficking. If you give me the information I may be able to help you further.
  • Thanks for the quik response mam,.i have all the rights about the child, we and the mother agreed that later i will take our child here with me in bahrain,then sooner she will be here also for work,.about taking care of the child her sister is here also in bahrain and she is staying at home .about the child age,actually she will guve birth to our child this november.i am from the phillipines mam Alethia
  • Under Filipino law you do not have any rights to the child, the mother of an illegitimate child has sole custody. 
    The child will not have your surname unless you comply with Phillipines Republic Act 9255

    Personally I am also shocked that you think it is acceptable to take a baby away from its mother and give it to her sister.Obviously you think this baby has no needs and that an aunt is better than a mother.

     What type of visa do think Bahrain's immigration will issue the baby? The child is illegitimate and probably will not have your surname. Why can't you marry the babies mother and then apply for a family visa to allow your wife and child to join you in Bahrain.

  • Yes, i will comply with the republic act 9255.,what happened is very personal mam,unluckylly my first marriage was not that successful,we are separated for almost 7yrs now,.that is why i cannot make another marriage,.mam now this is my family,,.the mother is here also in bahrain she will just give birth in philippines,.mam now is there any chance for that?
  • I do not understand why your girlfriend is going to the Philipines to give birth, the hospitals in Bahrain are of a high standard and your girlfriend has her sister there and you. In my law practice I see people all the time who make decisions that make their life so diificult.

    If the child is born in Bahrain and as soon as it has a passport it can be added to the mothers work permit as a family visa, this is more difficult if the child is born abroad.

    Look here and scroll down to the section "Child" http://hellobahrain.com/content/family-visa

    There may not be divorce in the Philipines but if you are lawfully resident in another country such as Bahrain, that does allow divorce  you can apply for a divorce in that country.

  • Assalamualaykum Mam:

    I am a Filipino a mother of four kids and i want to ask for an advice..

    this is the situation, my husband is currently working in bahrain right now and i learn that he had a mistress, this woman has no visa no working permit and a run away.they are living together but they are not legally married.And unfortunately they produce an illigitimate child born last oct 14 2014. the woman have her own family and kids back in the philippines.

    i am the legal wife and i have a marriage certificate,

    i would like to ask if i have the right to sue them of adultery according to sharia law and send them to jail and deported back to their place of origin.?
    and if i can request not to legalize their marriage in case they will decide to get married in bahrain?

    pls tell me what to do.... thank u so much for reading my message.. i will wait for your reply.
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    Cryingmother, whilst I sympathise with your plight there is very little you can do. Divorce is not recognised in the Philippines, In fact it is the only country in the world that has no divorce laws.

    Bahrain allows polygamous marriage so if your husband wants to marry he can without divorcing you. To have an illegitimate child or to be illegitimate is not a crime. 

    You must face facts  your husband has someone else and is not coming back to you and there is nothing you can do about it. Instead of sitting crying about it and finding ways to make your husband and his girlfriend pay, pull yourself together and get on with your life. This has happened to millions of women its not something new especially when one partner goes abroad to earn money.

    Find work if you don't have a job already, you need all your health and strength to care for your children .One thing you can do is write to your husbands employer and ask that a portion of his salary be sent to you every month. Other than that there is nothing you can do but move on with your life.

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    thank u for the response mom i am enlighten.

    but maam can i do something to have them deport back to phillippines? 

    because the woman he is living with, has no visa, overstaying in bahrain and she is a run away, can i report it to the police authority?
  • Cryingmother, why are you wasting your time on such bitterness?  You don't know this woman's circumstances you only know what others tell you. This will not bring back your husband, he has made his choice. In fact he will probably dislike you more if you do something to harm this woman and their child. This could have consequences for you in the long run.

    I have to be honest that I don't understand women like you who seek revenge, yes I would be hurt but I would not waste my time plotting revenge. Instead I would try to get money from my husband, the house and anything to financially help me and my children and get on with our lives. You do not need a husband or man in your life to validate you or to be successful. 

    When I worked in Bahrain many years ago I set up and administered a scheme whereby Filipino men employed by several companies were legally bound to send 30% of their salary home every month.
    I told you to write to your husbands employer and ask for whats due to you
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