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I am a Thai holding a UK student visitor, can i travel around Europe?

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Hi, i would need some help on this.

I am from Thailand holding a UK student visitor. My course will end on October and my student visitor expires on February 2015.

I wish to travel around Europe after my course as there are still a few months left before my student visitor expires.

Is it possible? Please help me!

Thank you very much! 


  • Currently I am studying in a college for English Language course.
  • You need to apply for a Schengen visa which will allow you to travel around Europe. You apply for the Schengen visa at the Embassy of the country you will travel to first.

    UK is not part of the Schengen area, that is why you must apply for a Schengen visa, the fact you are a student in the UK will assist your application. 
  • Dear Alethia,

    Does it means that even when my course ended, I am still eligible to apply schengen visa with my extended student visitor?

    There are 4 months left before my extended student visitor expires after my course and I understand that the schengen visa application takes quite some time to be approved. 

    I've read through the schengen visa website and it states that i must return to UK 3 months before my student visitor visa expires.

    Any suggestion for me?

    Thank you.
  • You do not have to come back to the UK . You can show by your documents you are travelling on to another country , your home for example.

    It is recommended to apply for your Schengen visa at least one month before you intend to travel. To process the application takes approximately 15 working days.
  • Alethia,

    Does it means that i can apply under this? Below is pasted from Schengen website.

    If you are studying in the UK:
    An original letter from your school/college/University. The letter should confirm your dates of study, the type of course and your attendance (University studies can state full- or part-time if no register is kept).

  • Alethia,

    I am on a student visitor visa in UK, my course ends on October 2014 but my visa ends on Feb 2015, am I still counted as a student from October 2014 to Feb 2015?

  • edited July 2014
    UK Universities must advise the Home Office when a student completes their course, you may then receive a letter from the Home Office curtailing your visa which means you must leave earlier for example December 2014.

    So when you apply for a Schengen visa you simply show your residence card not all the student stuff you wrote earlier. Tell the truth, you are resident in the UK at the time of application and after visiting the Schengen Zone you are going to your home country.Read what it states on the French website. Scroll down to Proof of Legal Residence in the UK.

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