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visiting France with Germany WP Visa

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I am a Non EU citizen (from india )  currently staying at germany with D catogary work visa for Germany ,

Now my client want me to visit france for some tranings(less then 3 months ) I am in process of getting city registration and getting Visa exention/Residance permit.

1. Can i visit france with my 3 month valid D Visa for germany ?

2. After getting workwork visa extention/residance permit  card can i visit France with that, will there be any problem.

3. If no for above two questions what is other way ? i had read some where that Non EU national can visit france for work on company letter if they hold valid residance permit of any EU contry.

Early help will be aprriciated .


Thanks and regards




  • If you have a valid visa for any country in the Schengen Zone (which includes both France and Germany), then you can travel freely to other countries in the zone. As long as your visa is still valid you should be fine.
  • I have a question that is a bit different, maybe I can get some help here. I am currently in France under my 90 day limit (expires 23 september), and I have a Long Stay Student Visa which will begin on September 1st, which requires that I have a stamp of entry on September 1st or later. my question is: How many days before September 1st am I required to leave in order to reenter the Schengen area? Could I potentially leave the morning of the 1st spend the afternoon in UK or Morocco then reenter France in the evening?

    Thanks for the help.
  • Thanks Anya ,


    But my question id can i able to work on the project at any other Schengen country, that means my base location will be germany and i will be on the projects to different contary (France and hungary is in my list)

    So with that WP of germany(Resident permet eAT card) can i work in in Hungary for some duration.. as i have read somewhere that with Residence permit you can travel as tourist but can not work in other country


    Thanks and regards

  • Are you employed by a German company and are these projects owned or contracts undertaken by the German company ? Pleaser answer who obtained your work permit. Its important for me to know to give you the correct answer.
  • I am working with Indian multinational company.

    My company has sent me on depution to work with its German counter part (My company has office in germany and registred as german company here )

    I am having contract of 18 month with my Germany company and WP is already issued. so in germany i am employed with german company .

    Yes I am employed by German company and have Name of company on my visa, and these projects are undertaken by other German company(client of my company) , i will recieve my salary in my german account from my german company.



  • Hi Alethia ,


    Requesting you to please respond on the query




  • Hi Arjun,

    It's not clear from your post that you're asking a question. Is it about where your salary will be paid? If so, that's a question you need to ask your company as it is entirely their decision.
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    Anya , he is asking that if he has a German work permit can he l work in other European countries, where his company has projects.

    Just because a person has a work permit for Germany does not give them the right to work in another member state, as each European country has its own work permit arrangements which have not be unified in the way visitor visas have.

    Earjsin , as you are working for a large company, it is your German employer's responsibility to ensure that you are legally working in other member states. You are not responsible for obtaining the correct papers this is up to our employer.
  • So do I/my company  need to apply seprate WP for Hungary, I have read some were that you could not have WP of two EU countries at the same time, will Hungrain officail ask to cancell german WP first before applying the WP of Hungary.


    I have got this text from internet about moving between EU countires.


    Moving between EU countries during my long-term stay – more than three months

    When you stay in an EU country for a long stay, usually for more than three months, you will generally be issued with a national long-stay visa and/or a residence permit.

    If your long-stay visa or permit has been issued by a Schengen area country, you can travel to another Schengen area country for three months per six-month period. You must:

    • justify the purpose of your stay;
    • have sufficient financial resources for your stay and return;
    • not be considered a threat to public policy, public security or public health.

    You can also pass through other Schengen area countries on the way to your host country.

    To move from one Schengen area country to another for more than three months, you will need a long-term visa and/or a permit for that country. If you wish to work, study or join your family in the second country, you may have to fulfil more national conditions. To travel to a country that is not in the borderless Schengen area, you must get a separate national visa and meet all the necessary conditions.

    Requesting you to please validate the above information.

    As i am the only person and project owner (it is a small project ) in this project i had to explore the possiblities and tell my companies.

    So if i can move for 3 months to other EU member can i work on the porject for that 3 months ?


    Thanks and regards



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    When you have a Work permit/ residence permit in one EU state you can travel to the other EU countries but it DOES NOT give you the right to work there. As I explained earlier, each EU country has its own work regulations that are not unified under Schengen law. Your German work permit DOES NOT allow you to work in another EU country.
    You said earlier that you are employed by  a German company now you say its your project and you are the only person. This cannot be correct as the you can only have a work permit through a German company.So I do not understand why you cant ask your employers.

    Individuals CANNOT apply for work permits and therefore it is down to your company connections in the other EU countries where you have projects, to meet the requirements to allow you to work in those countries.
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