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Where is the best place to stay in Nha Trang

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I'm going to travel to Nha Trang this September with my family. We have 2 children. 

Please suggest me with the accommodation in Nha Trang. I'm looking for a 4-5 star hotel


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    You can stay at Galliot Hotel, 4 star. Walking to the beach around 5mins, the price is about 50-60$ per night.

  • Try Havana Nha Trang hotel on Tran Phu street. Highly recommend the Family Suite Room 
  • hello anniele! :)
    how long will you in VN? i'm from GANN Travel Company. i can advise you on an amazing journey with reasonable price
    about 4-5 star hotel, you can stay at intercontenial Nha Trang, 5 star or Sunrise beach hotel & spa, 5 star or Sheraton Nha Trang, 5 star with price about 70 -90$ per night.
  • Dear anniele,

    Here are the list of Hotels in Nha Trang include 4-5 star hotels. Read useful informations. I think it can help you a lot.
  • No matter where you stay in Nha Trang you will not be far away from the beach.Hundreds of hotels to choose from here. Their are hundred of 4 - 5 hotels present.All of them well accommodation.

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    Thank you all for your useful information. I'm considering between Novotel and Havana Nha Trang for affordable prices. I like Intercontinental but the price is over my budget
  • La Suisse hotel is an international 2-star boutique hotel about 30 fully-equipped rooms, every service available, Close to the city center and the beach, convenient for sight-seeing.
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