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Entry requirments for Switzerland

Hi there,

I was just wondering what the entry requirments were for switzerland? I am flying into Zurich sept 3 2009 and have no return ticket home...I have a 2 year UK working visa and i have purchased a swiss pass for (15 days travel) and a 3 country 2 month eurail pass for (swiss/italy/france)

my plan is to visit those three countrys for that 2 month time period and then head up to the UK to find work. My question is do you think MY 2 year UK working visa and 2 passes are enough for the officals at the zurich airports when i arrive? or do they NEED to see that return flight home? If you could get back to me whenever you can id really appretiate it!




  • Hi Matt,
    Visit the Website of Swiss Foreign Ministery to find an answer for your question (
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    I am hold a Botswana passport and a student in the UK planning to travel to Switzerland, Geneva for a week (from 27/08/09 to 02/09/09)- where can I obtain Swiss Visa?

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    I shall be going to Barcelona with an 11hour stop-over a Zurich. Can I take the train and visit out for a couple of hours? If yes, where all should I go and within what budget?


    Rajeev (India)
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