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Getting to Libya via Tunisia

edited August 2014 in Africa
dear sir
I will like to get some information regarding the recent crisis in libya.My family was coming on emirates flight from pakistan via dubai malta to tripoli but on the same day tripoli airport was closed for indefinite period and they have to  go back on the same flight to pakistan.Afterwords emirates agreed to give them flight from pakistan to tunis on 31.7.2014. and then they have to arrange flight to libya by themselves or by road.they have entry visa for libya only but no transit visa for tunis .My question is whether they can be helped by immigration people to go to libya on the same day.As in Islamabad the tunisian embassy could not endorsed transit visa and told them we need more than two weeks to get approval from tunis.
please help me in this regard
thanks in advance



  • Why is your family trying to get into Libya? Unless it's an emergency situation I'm afraid they won't have much luck.
  • yes libya is very much unsafe nowadays but I have kids living alone in libya and need their mother to come and then to decide what to do next,In other words it is an emergency situation,
    thanks for your concern .
  • Jkk.....There are no flights from Tunis to tripoli right now. It would be a very long jouney from tunis by road to libya a d our govt is now looking at closing the borders. No one can enter tunis without a visa, especially in these times. There is a group on facebook called expats in libya and they give minute by minute updates, also giving advice and they may be able to help you. Above all take care and stay safe
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