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Tour in Istanbul

edited July 2014 in - Turkey
Hi everyone,

I am going to Turkey by myself and am going to book a tour while I'm in Istanbul, I have been looking into it with Istanbul Stopover Tours. Has anybody been on this tour or has anyone done any other tours of note that they would recommend?
Any and all feedback would be very much appreciated, Thanks.


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    Great information ,Really it will helps a lot to the tourist people ,like when I had visited 1st  to Istanbul ,facing so much problem ,But after this sharing everyone definitely get the knowledge ,Now I have a plan to Petra, Because some of my friends told me that going to Petra and its greatest landmark, the Monastery, cut profound into the mountainside , Actually I contact to Mantis Tours ,They told me the board hint on Climbing to the top…of mountain  and It is not difficult to envision the hours of etching and cutting that went into its creation. Actually arriving at the Monastery obliges work .Do you have any more information about this ?

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