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Hi everyone,

I am going to Turkey by myself and am going to book a tour while I'm in Istanbul, I have been looking into it with Istanbul Stopover Tours. Has anybody been on this tour or has anyone done any other tours of note that they would recommend?
Any and all feedback would be very much appreciated, Thanks.


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    Me and my husband have joined a very nice 10-day tours. a very long journey with Turkish Airlines was very nice, the hostess was very polite and courteous and they have unlimited tea and coffee. Located in Sultanahmet Istanbul Airport with private special hotel we went. The hotel rooms were very large and spacious and had great views of Hagia Sophia. We got up early in the morning buffet breakfast and unlimited coffee and ate and drank english. We met our tour guide and private square in the old city istanbul tours we attended. Our tour guide was anllat very detailed information about Istanbul. Some part of Istanbul on the Asian continent is the only city on the continent of Europe. Has been the world capital of culture in 2010. many civilizations lived here. 

    In the first Golden Horn Golden Horn from Greece in bzantium lived. Golden horn a natural sheltered inner harbor in stormy weather region. Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire's capital is divided into two has been istanbul. During this period, the Hippodrome has a lot of beautiful works. Hippodrome horse races and gladiator battles have been here many shows are also obelisk from Egypt and hippodrome 2 was kullanjıl as an arena. Sultan Suleyman the vizier Ibrahim Pasha, Turkish Islam after being restored mansion belonging serves as a museum. Finally, the German emperor ottoman to hipporo fountain was built by the sultan of getting it as a gift. We went to the Blue mosque and in 1609 made ​​on behalf of the sultan ahmet very nice in blue Iznik ceramics are hand-written calligraphy. Blue mosque in Istanbul with six minarets and domes are very large. 

    the conquest of Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet in 1453 and many renovations and restoration work was carried out. Hagia Sophia Byzantine king by Justinian in 531 years the world's largest Orthodox church is built. Jesus Christ in Hagia Sophia and Mary are decorated with pictures and mozik. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is the most beautiful from every point of the top seems. Hagia Sophia is a work of art with fabulous architecture, this mosque by Sultan Mehmet the minarets were translated into 4 pieces and serve as mosque. The last 50 years serves as a museum. We went to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and this time the Sultan Mehmet made ​​and 500 are close to the shops. gold and precious stone jewelry, especially men and women had jewelers selling, selling sweets and pastry delights are available. 

    Daily Cappadocia Tours in Urgup where we attended and was the first hotel we went to the special cave in the winter and cool in summer and warm cave hotel had a natural ventilation system. Central went to town and fortress here was built with two floors consist of classic Ottoman architecture, in front of the house is composed of a very beautiful orchard. Zelve went to the open-air museum, where many balloons were flying in the sky and went from the ground to a height of 250 meters. Cappadocia balloon tours were celebrating with champagne after. We went to the fortress of us and this is the highest peak in cappadocia cappadocia landscape and had a very nice here. 

    Cappadocia Goreme open air museum with our tour guide went into the cave and the fairy chimneys here and there are many. people lived both here and in the religious practices have made here. in this cave church had reserved and are decorated with pictures of Mary and Jesus. Christianity has spread to Europe and then spread here. We valleygit Pigeon and here we watched the flight of birds, including particularly pigeon. We went to the town of Avanos, and here the works of Turkish handicrafts and souvenir shops are located. Gentlemen and ladies clothing made ​​from leather, silk and wool rugs are hand-woven. Pole and borehole underground cities to hide from Roman soldiers here and winter is used for shelter in stormy weather. Finally, the only wine with bread and water of life have continued. 

    We first stayed at 4-star hotel in Kusadasi hotel was very nice and had a pool and sea views. Early in the morning our tour guide with open-air museum we went to Ephesus, and this is spread over a very wide area, and since 1978 a very large excavation and restoration work is done. In particular, the slopes of the public houses are inhabited. In the region where the slope of the houses the town hall with the king's palace is located. Ephesus 600 meters in length and made ​​of marble are the way a king on the road this karali attended public celebrations and entertainment are made. first a very nice building, Ephesus Temple had an outdoor toilet, on both sides of the King's statue Trojan that fountain, entrance door heart mark the Love house and this house a large number of rooms have occurred building. 

    Ephesus Tours was great and the trip was very nice and we went to Ephesus harbor and the magnificent architecture here and had a great Celcus Libray. Outside the two-story, this in the single-storey structure is made to receive more light and a spectacular structure of Ephesus icon. A term used as a tomb in here and there are Arabic Greek Latin manuscripts. The building has 2 floors made ​​of marble sculpture at the front, there are 4 pieces. Ephesus is a port city and a city with its own trade exchanges and Asia are known as capital. very nice sound and light system, which had a theater and exhibition center. Egypt, China, India and the Far East Arab ayarımada with caravan with goods from the ship before the ship can be reached by Greece and then Italy.
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    Great information ,Really it will helps a lot to the tourist people ,like when I had visited 1st  to Istanbul ,facing so much problem ,But after this sharing everyone definitely get the knowledge ,Now I have a plan to Petra, Because some of my friends told me that going to Petra and its greatest landmark, the Monastery, cut profound into the mountainside , Actually I contact to Mantis Tours ,They told me the board hint on Climbing to the top…of mountain  and It is not difficult to envision the hours of etching and cutting that went into its creation. Actually arriving at the Monastery obliges work .Do you have any more information about this ?

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