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Met Mr. not so sure

edited July 2014 in - Hong Kong
I recently met someone on (foxybeachguy220) with the name of Chris Berger. We started communicating through match. After a few days we exchanged cellphones numbers to start texting. He told me he was 50, his wife died 4 yrs ago and he had a daughter who was married with 3 kids. After texting for a few days, we then exchanged email addresses. I asked him to send me a picture of him, which he did. He also sent pictures of his daughter and grand kids. He told me he was retired from the army after 12 yrs he even sent me pictures from his time in the army. We emailed back and forth for several days. He told,me he did contract work installing CCTV and surveillance equipment and was currently working at one of the prisons in Arizona. He stated he relocated to Arizona. We made many plans talking about the future. I informed him immediately that I was currently separated and my divorce would not be final for another month or 2. He was ok with that. He also told me he was from Sweden originally but moved to the states when he was a child. We had made plans to go to dinner (7/12) so we could finally meet in person. On 7/10 he text me to inform me he had to go to Hong Kong on business trip at the last minute. We emailed, text and even spoke on the phone thru the entire weekend. He also gave his "daughter" my cellphone number and gave me hers. His daughter began Texting me on 7/13. We spent the entire day texting. He even called during this time. Neither his daughter or I heard from him for nearly 2 days. On Tuesday, 7/15 I received a phone call from a hospital in Hong Kong informing that "Chris" had been in an accident and was near death. I told the hospital to email me the info and I would contact his daughter. Upon receiving the email, I was informed he was in a coma with head trauma. The doctor who was taking care of him also called me personally. Upon receiving the email I was informed that "funding" would need to be sent in order to continue his care. I immediately thought this was odd, since I work in healthcare in the states and we never ask for money to continue care. I informed his daughter that I could not help financially as I have no extra money,,which her "dad" knew. I made several suggestions to his daughter, contact the V.A. Since he is retired military, contact the embassy, etc for help....his daughter did not want to do any of this. After several days of "Chris" being in the coma and the hospital again asking for money. I attempted to call the hospital (medical home hospital Hong Kong) unable to get through. So I sent an email asking some specific questions to see how they would answer them as well as a picture. The next morning I received both a phone call and email from the hospital regarding "Chris'" status. The email included a picture of him in "ICU". I again informed his daughter that I could not help financially. I showed the "picture" to one of my doctor friends, who told me to google - Daniel Zamudio icu photo. I did this and the picture I was sent matched this picture. I emailed the hospital,and told them I knew they were pulling a scam and that I contacted the FBI. Miraculously that afternoon he was out of his coma. I was sent an email and another picture that matched the ones he has sent me. The "hospital" is still asking for money to be sent thru a 3rd party via western union to a person in Medford,,Oregon who will send it to,the hospital in Hong Kong. His daughter is trying to lay the guilt trip on me because I won't help her dad. I HAVE NOT SENT any money nor do,I plan on it.
So,please be careful. I thought I met my dream guy and I almost fell hook, line and sinker. Luckily for me I was smart enough to not fall for,the trap. Unfortunately this person now knows things about me that I never should have divulged. Lesson careful,,there are people that will take advantage of you when you are most vulnerable.

Beware of the following:
Foxybeachguy220 profile name on
Chris Berger ? Real name
From Sweden
Self employed/entrepreneur

Medical Home Hospital Hong Kong


  • Well done for recognising this as a scam despite your romantic feelings. It is a classic scam which we have heard many times on this forum. You have done absolutely the right thing. To stop them pestering you, it may be worth changing your contact details.
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