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Currency - what would be the best currency to take to Turkey August 2014, please?

edited July 2014 in - Turkey
Hi, I'll be visiting Turkey in August 2014, what would be the best currency to take, please? Hotel tipping, trips, shops and restaurants? 

Thanks in advance


  • You can take Turkish Lira, which is readily available in most European countries from travel agents, banks and even the post office. ATMs are everywhere in Turkey so you can take your debit card. Let your bank know you are travelling and where to.

    In the resorts such as Antalya, Marmaris Bodrum Kusadasi etc Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Euros are also readily accepted.
  • OK thank you. Do hotel staff generally like euros as tips or Turkish Lira? 
  • Euros are NOT the currency of Turkey so you can pay everything in Turkish lira. Turkish lira is not a closed currency and therefore is traded and exchanged in other countries.
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