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can anyone help me find out if a ukraine girl is safe in conflict area ?

edited July 2014 in - Eastern Europe
I have been talking to a girl from ukraine online for 6 months, she use to write at least twice a week , but since june 16th nothing, i am worried for her safety, her name is alla kulakova , aged 26,she's a vet,and hoped to work in uk, but was having problem getting a visa, originally lived in alchevsk , but moved to lugansk region in april, as she felt it was safer , i know sometimes the internet would go down , but not this long , i have her new address, but all postage to ukraine has been suspended since the conflict started , is there anyway i can find out if she's safe , i believe she had a telephone, but i didn't have her number.

mick in uk


  • Hi Mick,
    That is rather worrying. I can tell you that the situation in that region is extremely volatile and dangerous. It is still likely that she is absolutely fine, but is struggling with internet and phone connectivity etc. Or perhaps she has chosen to leave the region temporarily. Most likely she just has a lot going on. I'm afraid I know of no way to find out if she's okay beyond the normal lines of communication. Good luck!
  • Hello, Mick. I live in Ukraine and If it's actually now - may be I can help you. Send me all contact information that you have about Alla Kulakova to [email protected] and I try to found her
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