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Honest mistake

I'm a united stated citizen who moved to Belgium with my boy friend who is a diplomat EU citizen. I even transfered my social security disability there. But I never applied for or got a visa or a resident card. Having never lived out side the stated I didn't know what I needed to do. Nonetheless i was there for nine months. I had to come home to the states to help with my mom and found that I could not return as planned because I overstayed. Dumb mistake but now I want to return and don't know if it's possible or how I can fix an overstay. Please advise leftnowstuck.


  • You have no excuse for overstaying, you knew very well you could only stay in a Schengen country for 90 days and your EU boyfriend never commented that you need to extend your visa?

    What were you told when you found out you could not return to Belgium and by whom.?

    Were you fined? Your overstaying will be recorded on your personal file which is shared with all Schengen countries.

    There is a ban of 1-13 years for overstaying in  Schengen country.
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