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reapplying for shengen inside shengen area

edited August 2014 in Europe
Curious if I can apply for a crew visa with a valid tourist visa inside the shengen region.


  • edited August 2014
    Crew visas are not applied for by individuals  but by air line or shipping companies where required.
     Normally air crews fly under the provisions of GENDEC and shipping companies provide employees with a Sea Farer's Identity Document. 

    The General Declaration, issued to pilots and crew of Civil Aviation companies for flight duty, in conformity with the "Convention on Civil Aviation" signed in Montreal on 7 December 1944. This document is exempt from visa requirements in the signatory countries of the Chicago Convention of 2 March1949 or under reciprocity agreements, provided that the entry is work-related.

    The Seafarer's Identity Document issued to seafarers to exercise their profession, recognised as a valid travel document to enter the Schengen Area only in relation to the seafarer's professional requirements, and for no any other reason. The EEA recognises the Seafarer's Identity Documents issued by EU countries and the EEA countries signatories to the International Labour Convention No 108 (Geneva, 13 May1958) and by those with which the EEA has concluded specific bilateral agreements.
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