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Sixty Day, Single Entry, Thai Tourist Visa

edited June 2009 in - Thailand
We always buy the above visa in Georgetown, Malaysia for our return to Thailand at a cost of MYR 110 (~£20).

Yesterday we saw a sign in the travel agent we usually use saying that this is now FREE, bar their fee (MYR 5)

On enquiry, the chap said that this offer is to last until March 2010 but could not suggest a reason why the Thai autorities were doing this. Perhaps they are trying to stimulate the tourist industry following on from the two recent protests (and bad world wide press) they received?

Anyway, can anyone confirm this? The offical web sites have not mentioned this and I can't seem to find any corroboration anywhere.

We intend to apply sometime next week (the visa is valid for up to three months before entry) and we'll get back to you to advise on the outcome. Fingers crossed...


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    ** Update **

    It's confirmed. We picked up our passports with shiny new visas (valid until 29th September- three months) yesterday and it cost us nothing, bar the travel agent's service fee.

    Apparently the offer IS likely to around until March 2010 but there was no guarantee, so perhaps grab them whilst you can?

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