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Schengen Visa Spain & french

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Hi All,

First i hope my message  find all  well  , i am plan to spend my honeymoon in Spain at October,  but there are  problem with my wife  as she couldn't able   to finalize Schengen visa from spain embassy which first appointment schedule fro submit application  will be at October and that will be very late , but for me i already book appointment for submit application as i stay in different country
So, if she finalize it from other embassy such as french embassy and then go with me to Spain which  will be our first port , Are there any stop our problem for entry spain ! or what i must to do to avoid any problems may be occur . i will make all real booking for hotel and ticket for  spain and will adjust her trip and hotel  after she get visa , Are there are any problem for that ! please yours advice is appreciated 


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    If you want to apply at the French embassy for a Schengen visa you will need to demonstrate that your wife will be entering France and visiting France for a short time before going to Spain. 

    Once your wife has the visa she can go directly to Spain no need to enter France, peoples plans change all the time and you can enter anywhere in the Schengen area once you have a visa.

  • Thanks for your replay , so what i understand that once i get a schengen visa from france for example there are no problem for enter  any schengen area port at first time they will not stop us and asked to visit first country that we already get visa from.
  • Your understanding is correct. Good luck.
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