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Is a Schengen Visa valid for The Netherlands, Amsterdam

edited August 2014 in Europe
Hello All,
Recently I acquired a schengen visa to go to Germany for August bank holiday. Its a multi visa valid till 21st Sept 2014. When I applied for visa I gave details for stay in germany only as I had no other plans. But now i'm thinking to visit Amsterdam before my visa expires in Sept. Would I able to use my existing visa for Amsterdam or do I need to get another schengen visa if i go before 21st Sept 2014.


  • Hi there,
    Once a Schengen visa has been awarded it is valid in any country in the Schengen zone for the duration it has been awarded. In other words, you should be absolutely fine entering the Netherlands on the visa granted you by Germany.
  • Thank you Ella! Much appreciated.

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