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overstay in south africa for 2 years.

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i overstay in south africa, my visa is a tourist visa, i found a very good job here, can i apply for work permit? or if i have to go back to malaysia, how much do i have to pay the fine, where am i going to pay? can i return to south africa after paying the fine? can i apply the work permit? thanks for helping.


  • You are in a really difficult position. This year South Africa made changes to its immigration system.
    If you overstay in South Africa and are discovered or leave at the air port or border you will face a large fine and a ban up to 10 years excluding you from South Africa.

    You say you have a job are they prepared to assist you? These are the new rules for employers and what they must do. If you really want to stay you need to take legal advise asap.

    General Work Visa South Africa: for applicants who have a job offer from a South African company that’s willing to participate in the process. The company will need to justify why you should be awarded a position over and above a South African and will be required to prove that they advertised the job in print media for a specific duration of time. Applications in this category are subject to approval by the South African Department of Labour, a unit that will further scrutinise the necessity of hiring a foreigner for the appointed job, before they can be reviewed by Home Affairs. Do note, contrary to its name, this visa only allows applicants to work for the specified company.
  • thank you, maybe i have to give up the work here?!
  • Your chances of getting a work visa are practically non-existent. For starters, you'll have to return to Malaysia to apply, and when you leave they will see that you've overstayed and ban you.

    Even if by some miracle you weren't banned, the application process for work visas took up to a year even before the Department of Labour got involved. It will only be longer now.

    The South African government is deliberately making it as difficult as possible for foreigners to work in South Africa. I wouldn't hold your breath.
  • Anya k ,what you are saying is really true, the south African government is not treating the foreigners with respect at all..very bad, how can one apply for a general work permit and ask the person to go back his country before they get it.i feel the south African government don't know how it is to be in a foreign land.they should at least make it a little easy for them..bare in mind the so called born frees will also travel to seek greener pastures in another country.stay blessed.
  • hi i need a bit of help if someone can my daughter came to south Africa 2 years ago and she is on a zim passport know her days have long expired wil i need to pay a fine at the border and how much wil it be please can someone halp
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    Your daughter will be labelled as 'undesirable' and will probably be banned from re-entering South Africa for anything between two and 10 years depending on the circumstances. She will also be fined, though I cannot tell you the exact amount... What kind of visa was your daughter on and how long ago did it expire?
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