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Land travel from Copenhagen to St Petersburg

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I have a week to travel from Copenhagen to St Petersberg in late September. Any suggestions on bus or train routes (and costs) that I might take.


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    You can try european timetable at: The route is Copenhagen - Helsinki -St.Petersburg by train. Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea about costs but can advise about the duration of such a journey: 20+ hours to Helsinki, than 6,5 hours to St.Petersburg.
    Try another useful link - St Petersburg by train, it's devoted to travel from the UK through DEnmark to Moscow and St.Pete's - tons of information with all necessary contacts.
    As another option take bus ride from Copenhagen to Stockholm (385 DKK), 9'45 one way, than overnight ferry to Helsinki (departure 17.00- arrival 9.55), rate starts from 855 DKK one way and the last stop to St.Pete - by train (departure at 17.00, arrives 22.51) paid 55 euro the cheapest, by regular bus - almost the same (38 EUR), starts at 11 p.m. meaning that you'll spend one more night onboard. The cheapest option to get from Helsinki to ST.Petersburg - take tourist bus at about the noon, rate is 20 Eur or even less depending on availability. Detailed description is here (written 5 years ago but yet actual)
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