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passport formalities JORDAN

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hey frns
one of garment company in Jordan has sponsored me but offer letter I received is abit not convincing and recruiter told that you have give passport to company so that Jordan could issue some kind of stay card to employee for 1 year ..pls confirm I'f any has some info.


  • It seems that you do have to provide your passport to obtain a one year work permit. Arrida Law a Jordanian law firm with 40 years experience have listed everything you need to apply for a work permit. If you scroll down to 
    No 4 where it clearly states.  4- A copy of the worker's passport provided that it shall be valid.

  • So that means it will be safe to give my passport to company as they are assuring me thatt Jordan govt will keep passport for max one month and will give you stay card in Jordan. Pls confirm on this.
  • I cannot confirm how long the Jordan government will keep the passport, all governments who issue work permits keep the passport for some time. What I do know is that your passport is replaceable, you are in your home country, you are not stranded so what have you got to lose? Depends how much you want the job,
  • Well dear I am coming from India ..there is very much to lose if I won't get my passport back

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    An Indian passport is of little or no value on the black market as opposed to an EU or USA passport for example. What do you think these people will do with a passport that can take you nowhere without a visa?

    So I don't understand your concerns. The rules say you must submit the passport so its up to you no passport no job,
  • Hmm, sounds a bit dodgy. I agree that your passport is not of great value, but be careful if they start asking for payment for anything
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    I don't now why you think its dodgy, it clearly says in the Jordanian regulations that you have to hand in your passport I do not know anywhere in the world that does not see your passport , or put a stamp in your passport if you are working in their country. Mathieu is correct if the recruiter asks for money do not give it.
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