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UK 3 month or 6 month visitors Visa?????

edited August 2014 in - Thailand
My girlfriend applied for a 3 month UK Visitor Visa. She received a 6 month UK Visitor Visa. She now wants to stay for the full 6 months. Do we have to notify the UK Embassy that she wishes to stay for the full 6 months shown on her Visa. I do not want to jeopardise future UK visa applications, by her not leaving when stated, i.e. After 3 months!!!


  • edited August 2014
    You do not have to tell any one. If your girlfriend has a six month visas she can stay for the full six months.
    Although on the application form you are asked how long you will stay it is at the discretion  of the Entry Clearance Officer how long you are granted. make sure she leaves before her  6 month visa expires and all will be well. 
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