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Will my credit cards work in Mozambique?

edited August 2014 in - Southern Africa
Hello. We're off to Mozambique next month, via Johannesburg, a night in Maputo and then to the coast. Will our credit cards work? We have American Express and Visa. Many thanks, Jason


  • Mozambique is still relatively undiscovered by tourists and credit cards are not widely accepted, except for some of the luxury hotels in Maputo and on the coast. I'd suggest you take traveller’s cheques (yes amazingly they are still in use) or preferably cash which you can get enroute in Johannesburg airport. US dollars are by far the best currency to take but note that US dollars dated before 2003 will not be accepted.
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  • Mathieu is right, cash is the best. You'll be able to change money in Maputo, or at the border if you drive. The rates at the border are higher, but it can be worthwhile to change a bit as the exchange offices often have short hours. Credit cards are not widely accepted, even at restaurants and larger shops.
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