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Tour guide in Patmos

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Do I need a tour guide for Patmos? My husband enjoys the cruise tours, but I do not. We will be in Patmos for 1 day. Please advise! Thanks a lot.


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    Can you let me know about Santorini also? Right now, my husband has us signed up for a volcano hike. We'll have the afternoon to ourselves--what do you sgugest?
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    Dear Joykmyers,
    To be honest, I would not think that a guide for Patmos is essential. You can easily rent-a-car and travel arounnd, or discover a really nice beach around the island...(really, when are you taking that cruise??). For Santorini, I would agree with the volcano hike, It's something you should pre-book, and you need a gfuided tour on Santorini, in order to see all the "important" places, as It's a fairly big island with load to see....and especially the view from Kaldera or Oia to the spend some quality time there, maybe a Greek coffee at a nice place....Views are something to remember for the rest of your life.
    Kind regards,
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    Thank you so much for your advice! We leave on the cruise from Athens on Sunday at 10 pm.
  • Thanks Nasos, that's great information!
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    I will visit Patmos using car hire Crete Airport in Greece because it seems to be more suitable option for me. I don't know about guide. I am planning don't use guide help. I will try collect all necessary information on internet and very good help for me will be GPS in a hired car. :)
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