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Visa / Maximum stay in Grenada

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Hello, please if anybody know to tell me do I need Visa to enter Grenada (flight is directly from London to Grenada)and if I don't need it what is my maximum stay in Grenda ? If I want to stay longer where is closer Visa office for contact and meeting. I'm from Croatia and have Croatian passport. Thank you in advance for any answer.


  • The visa is issued upon arrival for Croatians and the length of stay ranges from 30 to 60 to 90 days with six months maximum, although further extensions are possible.

    Immigration and Passport Office

    Ministerial Complex, Botanical Gardens

    Tanteen, St. George's, Grenada, W.I.
    phone: 1.473.440.2456
    phone: 1.473.440.4765
    phone: 1.473.435.2869
    fax:       1.473.440.4165
    Hours of operation: M-F 8am - 3:45pm

  • Thank you Alethia for very quick answer  :)>-
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    Alethis or somebody else maybe will know . During free time I found on

    Types and

    visa on arrival: EC$100; multiple-entry visa on arrival: EC$250. Nationals
    requiring a visa on arrival must obtain a pre-clearance
    from the embassy or high commission before travel. There is a
    US$10 fee for the letter plus mailing costs. 


    I didn't
    see this before. I even don't know what is pre-clearance letter. I'm travelling
    in less then a week and now I don't now anything anymore . 

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    A pre clearance letter can be obtained at the point of entry and is actually cheaper than if you apply before hand to the Grenadian Embassy. I gave you the phone numbers of the immigration if your worried.

    If the Pre‐Clearance letter is issued by the Immigration and Passport Office of Grenada, upon arrival in Grenada the fee for Single Entry Visa is EC$100.00 per applicant and the fee for a Multiple Entry Visa is EC$250.00 per applicant. 

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