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Passport expiry date and blank pages need for EU countries. Does my passport

edited August 2014 in Africa
We are going to France soon, and my daughter's UK passport expires a few days after our return. I have read some comments that the passport needs to be valid for more than six months or three month after our return from France or other EU countries, both other websites say that it's fine as long as the passport is valid for the duration of our stay. It seems impossible to find out for sure whether we'll be ok or not. Some websites also say we need two blank pages - my own passport is quite full, but as it doesn't get stamped going to EU countries, I can't believe this is relevant. Advice appreciated!  


  • Hi Jason, you need to check out this post on Passport validity . It should answer your question. But the short answer is that you don't need to worry. As a UK citizen going to an EU country your passport simply needs to be valid for the duration of your trip, not for an extra six months or three months afterwards. There was a case last year of Easyjet not allowing some poor holiday maker onto their plane going to Cyprus as their passport was not valid for six months after the dates of travel, but this was an error by one of their staff and they apologised and refunded him - not that I imagine that was much conciliation. Note however that there are some countries that DO require six months validity (including Brazil, Turkey, Tunisia and Israel) and others that required one month (including South Africa and New Zealand). Many countries also require one or two free pages in your passport to stamp, particularly if you get a visa on arrival (like Mozambique). South Africa required two free pages, but in practice they usually find space somewhere in the passport for their stamp. Advice is always to check the official embassy websites or the FCO, but this advice is not always clear. Word Travels also has advice on visa requirements for France and other countries. 
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  • As a British citizen if you want to know the entry requirements for any country just go to your search engine type in the country name  and FCO e.g. France FCO and you will be informed about the validity of your passport any visas you might require, oddities such as blank pages  (? never heard of that) etc. Your child does not need a new passport to go to France or blank pages, have a great holiday.

  • Alethia,

    South Africa is odd like that, you need to have at least one blank page (not including the inside cover). I know people who upon entry have been held overnight until they could get pages added!
  • Anya, I was just looking at the Portuguese government immigration site and they require 2 blank pages. Well, you learn something new everyday  :-?
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