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Algerian - Irish room sharing in tunisia

edited August 2014 in - Tunisia
I'm an algerian and my girlfriend is irish (from the republic of Ireland) and we're not married, we're both 19yo and planing to meet in tunisia ..
May we share a room ? I'm not a muslim by the way neither is she .. and i think it's illegal for unmaried couples to share rooms ?


  • For Europeans who are not married to share a room there is no problem. An Algerian staying with a European may have problems irrelevant of religion 
    You could rent an apartment. The apartments Maison De la Mer and Maison de la Jardin in Port El Kantoui allow you to stay there. I know this from personal experience with family members. You could book the apartment in your name.
    You can also find apartments in Tunis and Sousse here on Airbnb
  • Okay so i can go to tunisia and rent an appartement ? or i rent it online ? i have no visa card :/ 
    And how can she get a visa without hotel booking ?
    I hope appartement renting won't exceed 50$ / night ? :/
  • Irish nationals do not need a visa for Tunisia and they can stay up to 90 days. 
    If you go to Airbnb,  there is a link in my last post , you will find apartments for as little as $25 a night. You can contact the owners , you speak French an Arabic, and arrange to pay in cash. 
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