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Need proof you have £2000 cash before being allowed to fly???

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My girlfriend went to Kuala Lumpur with a Charity via the Agency she 's signed with. It was for one weeks work. Halfway through the week, she was informed that this had been extended to another months stay. She signed off with the Charity as she wanted to come home to the UK after one week. She won't get paid until the end of the months contract. She has had to pay for her own flight home. However on going to the airport to fly home on the 7th August 2014, she was NOT ALLOWED TO BOARD THE FLIGHT UNTIL SHE SHOWED PROOF THAT SHE HAD £2000.00 CASH TO GO HOME WITH!!!! Has ANYONE had or heard of this happening to a person please??? I really need a swift reply please, as she does'nt have the money??? Thanking you in anticipation. Hans 


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    This is absolute nonsense, no one is prevented from flying, You can have one penny in your pocket and still fly.
    Hansi have you met this woman or is she your internet girl friend.? 

    A lot of scammers use this ruse to obtain money from people they have met on the internet. Sometimes they call it PTA (personal travel allowance) or BTA (basic travel allowance) Do not believe this woman and DO NOT send her money.

  • Alethia, Thank you so much, not just for replying so quickly, but for the information you given me!!! Yes, you are right, she is 'My Internet Girlfriend', & we've been emailing for a few weeks now, but it's funny how every time we make an arrangement to meet up, something crops up to prevent it!!! However, having said that, it appears she was telling me the truth about going to Malaysia, as i did send her £400 towards her flight home, which, i hasten to add, she never took because of this reason you've just answered!!! Again, i can't thank you enough. There just is'nt any other information about this that i have been able to find. Even the Malayasian Travel Agent i phoned did'nt know for sure, although she said that she had'nt personally heard of it!!!
  • Hansi, how do you know she went to Malaysia? Everything this woman has told you is probably a lie. Please stop all contact with her.

    Here is some more information on the matter.
  • Alethia, the only 'proof' i have is the email that Western Union sent me to say the money had been collected, which i sent to KL/Malaysia. I'm inclined to think you are right now, having read most of the posts on here. The bad grammar & spelling, not having the full or correct names of places in London, where she is supposed to live, etc; etc; Yesterday, i told her to get her ticket changed on Monday for an open one, so she's not restricted to a departure date. I just want to wait & see what her excuse will be this time, before i confront her. Hans
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