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I am filling application for TOC AS home office send me residense documentation on paper but i want to put it in my passport and now when I am filling application I am bit confused because they ask for reason of filling TOC application
Can you tell me which of the following reason i shall tick

1 biometric residense permitt or immigration status document is damages
2.replace immigration status document with biometric residense permitt

Which one of two I have to Tick
Thanx and regards


  • The paper you were issued with is an Immigration Status Document . Usually this is issued because you did not have a valid passport when you were granted leave to remain.

    These days visas are not put in the passport , a separate residence permit is issued (similar in size to a credit card) with your biometric details on it.

    So to answer your question tick option 2. replace immigration status document with biometric residence permit. 
  • Thankx
  • why for south asian people is really difficult to get visa for western countries?
  • edited August 2014
    Its not just south Asians but anyone from a poor country will have difficulty in obtaining a visa. The reason for this, is because the West do not believe people from poor countries will return home at the end of their visit.
  • Hye there
    What it is I applied for bio metric residense card I send my application along with passport and my DVLA
    but now for some reason I have to move house and what shall I do I this case ?
  • You need to advise the Home Office immediately of any change of address.
  • But do I need to send so proof of new address as I've non
  • I recently move into new house and I've no proof of new address
    Is that okey ?
  • Please reply
    It's urgent
  • You don't need proof of address you simply write and say you have moved and give your new address
  • One last question
    What would be the best option to write them and there are too many email post address which one would be the best
  • You write a letter to the Home Office Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Road, Croydon CR9 2BY.
    Please put your full name, date of birth, nationality and your home office reference number.
    I suggest you keep in touch with your old address if possible, as the Home Office often fail to change the details and letters may still go to your old address. 
  • Thanx for the advise
    You are always helpful
    God bless you :)
  • Hye ther
    Once again I'm back with a new query
    I applied for TOC but home office send my application back to me because they said I filled the wrong TOC
    but how can I find the right ones for wa family memebers
    Can you please help
  • Yasir can you tell me what you want to do for your family members. What type of visa do you and they have or indefinite leave ?
    Do you and your family members have Biometric Residence cards? I need more information before I can guide you correctly.
  • I got married in uk my wife is from Netherlands and I applied for visa and I got Residense permit for 5 years as they issue my visa on paper not on passport
    Now I want to apply for bio metric residence card I filled the TOC and send them my application. But they send me back and reason the said the application form of TOC is not the right ones I need to fill in different form as my leaves were granted by European law
  • They said I need to fill appropriate application
  • Under EU regulations EEA citizens and their dependents are not required to give biometric information.Therefore the Home Office DO NOT give EEA nationals or their dependents biometric residence cards. The visas are put in the dependents passports and the EEA citizen is give  blue card.
    So dont waste your time asking for a biometric card.
  • But my visa is on paper
    Is it possible to get it transfer in pasport ?
  • On passport
  • Do you mean you have an immigration status document? An A4 piece of paper with your visa on? Had your passport expired?
    For the visa to be put in your passport it must go back to the EEA department at the Home Office, it will take them ages to put t in your passport.
  • My passport wasn't expired but my application was refused at first then I got my visa in appeal and they send me immigration Status document on A4 paper
    And I applied for bio metric card they refused and send my application back to me with reason that
    Unfortunately your conditions can not be transferred using TOC application form as your leaves was granted under European law .
    You will need to apply using the appropriate European application (EEA) forms, details for this can be found on our website
  • Yasir, that is exactly what I told you in my earlier post. I will repeat again, you cannot have a biometric residence card you must apply to to the EEA section to have the visa put in your passport.
  • Thanx
    Can you send me link for the form please
    And another question.
    Do I need visa for Netherlands if I'm travelling along my wife as she is Dutch national
  • edited October 2014
    You require a Schengen visa to enter the Netherlands and you will need your passport to apply for the Schengen visa, so dont make any travel plans until you get your passport back to the Home Office. 

    To apply to have the visa put in your passport you need to fill in an EEA2 form as you must show that your wife is still working or studying and therefore exercising treaty rights. If your wife is not working or studying the Home Office will not put the visa in your passport.

    How to apply for a Schengen visa

  • Is it possible to apply if I am working full time but wife isn't working
  • edited October 2014
    Yasir, you need to understand that you are in the UK as the dependent of an EEA national and by  EU law your wife is supposed to work, study, be a retired person or a person of independent means and she can be a jobseeker for 6 months. If your wife is not working she could be in breach of EU rules. as she is meant to be exercising treaty rights, she can't come to the UK with a non EU dependent ,not work and claim benefits.

    As your wife is not working  DO NOT send the application EEA2  form as there is a possibility your visa can be cancelled as your wife is not complying with EU law by not working,

    In five years time if your wife has not worked for five years or had an illness or only briefly unemployed you will not be granted permanent residence.
  • I am a Nigeria I aplied for france tourist visa but They refuse me and they ask me to appeal if i want to pls advise me on what to do
  • Do not bother appealing, there is no set time period for the appeals. You should make a fresh application with better documents preferably to another Schengen country.
  • Ok thanks another question pls.....I have a girlfriend I meet in china we both fell in love with each other.....before I came back to Nigeria she is Italian and after I came back she move back to france where is presenting working now......pls I need to join her ......what can she do in this regard to help me get visa to join her in france but she is an Italian citizen...
  • Osenovia... there's no magic trick that your "girlfriend" can do for you. Follow Alethia's advice and submit a fresh application for a Schengen Visa.

    That said, since France has already turned you down you're obviously missing some vital requirements on your Visa application so don't get your hopes up that you'll have better luck elsewhere...

    Good luck.

  • What about she send me an invitation through the immigration police over there.....because our intention is to reunite and live together if possible get marry over there...we were practically leaving together in china....before I came back.....
  • It sounds like you don't qualify for a Visa and you're trying to figure out how to use this girl to somehow magically make it happen. That's not going to work.

  • Not that am not qualify pls but am afraid that since I was refuse if I apply for another eu country tourist visa they might refuse me because of the stamp place on my passport from the France embassy.......the only reason I want to visa europ is because her.....she really want to see me
  • We both left china to state a new life somewhere else ........we made the choice to leave china
  • You're not listening. It doesn't matter that she wants to see you. It doesn't matter that you made the choice to leave China.

    Read Alethia's post again.

  • So what is your advice to re unite again?
  • Osenovia, if you are unable to provide the evidential documents you need to apply for a Schengen visa . Why don't you and your girlfriend meet up in a country where you don't need a visa or can get one more easily such as Turkey. Tunisia or Egypt.

    I am sure if your girlfriend is so crazy about you then you could marry and she could bring you to live in France where she is working and exercising treaty rights as an EU citizen. Won't that be a dream come true.[-O<
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