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Help Me To Choose A Best Connection To Avoid Roaming Charges In Australia

edited August 2014 in - Australia
I have to visit Australia for about 15 days and i am searching for some best deal or ideal cellular connection. Please advise me to decide which package, simcard or service should work best for incoming calls and internet usage during my stay.


  • Cedo, there are a number of providers in Australia. If you use only for incoming calls you can use any of the sims, personslly when I go to visit I use Telstra as it has the widest coverage. If you want internet then you need to go on the net and compare deals, for 15 days why not just go to internet cafes? Major networks are Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone.
  • Dear Lesley thank you very much for your time and reply. today some of my FB buddy gave me two names like XXSIM and travel sim coz i need incoming calls, internet and outgoing in one package so i am thinking to buy a simcard. do you have any idea about the best suitable simcard for my purpose.
    Best Regards
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    After a detailed research I have come through an
    innovation in technology, Shaston Corp. is active in telephony for over 20
    years worldwide and constantly uses his experience to provide innovative new
    products and services that make use of your easiest and cheapest mobile phone
    while traveling to abroad. Thus, XXSIM is a SIM card allows travelers to use
    their mobile phones abroad at a fraction of the usual price. 

    You get free calls abroad in most countries or price without competition when you make a
    call from abroad, sending text messages or access the Internet from anywhere in
    the world . The XXSIM service works in over 190 countries. XXSIM also offers
    special solutions tailored to customer needs (SIM, micro Corporate Account).
    XXSIM provides telecommunications services to thousands of people around the
    world through various strategic partnerships with more than 650 global networks
    in over 190 countries. XXSIM the card can be used in any standard GSM phone,
    smartphone or broadband modem. XXSIM customers use their mobile phones all over
    the world for a fraction of the usual price.
  • Dear msalah,thanks for your information and guidance about free roaming services of XXSIM. what is the connectivity mode of this simcard with laptop.What are the internet packages offered by XXSIM.thanks.
  • I also second the statement and question of hpaul. Still i am looking for the internet package that i could not get of XXSIM. msalah please let us know aout our required information so that to choose the best possible deals. Regards

  • I have heard about AT&T World Connect which can help with the roaming charges 
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