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Visa to visit Egypt

edited November 14 in - Egypt
I'm green card holder with moroccan passport I want to visit Egypte for 15 days do I need visa? Or I can have it in the aeroport? Thank you


  • Morrocan citizens need to apply for a visa to enter Egypt, irrelevant to where they live and work.
  • i think you should apply for visa. But confirm it from immigration office too, they will guide you properly.
  • Jerry you seem bent upon undermining my advice.Once again, people are unable to contact immigration offices that is why they come on here to seek advice.
  • Hi,,how many weeks/months should I wait for my egypt visit visa to be approved? I applied here on egypt embassy here in the Philippines.I am so stressed now maybe they will reject my application,coz its been two weeks already,,and still not yet done or still they dont call me

    .,,,IF ever THEY will REJECT MY APPLICATION,,DO I NEED TO WAIT ALSO?or they will call me right away???
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