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i want to change my surname on my italian passport

edited August 2014 in - Italy
Is it possible for me to change my surname from my maiden name to my married name on my Italian passport?


  • You'll need to apply at the relevant office (which is the nearest embassy or consulate if you don't live in Italy) with an original copy of your marriage certificate, and you'll be issued with a new passport.

    If you have any valid visas in your current passport, you'll need to carry both with you when you travel (and it probably wouldn't hurt to have a copy of your marriage certificate as well, just in case!)
  • upon reading the above question, i would like to know if it will be possible to change my surname or if possible my full name on my passport
  • Vandyck, Nigerian law allows you to change your name, either your full name or surname its up to you. You instruct a lawyer to draw up a DEED POLL. The completed deed poll can then be used to obtain a passport in your new name.
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