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Need Suggestion about Andaman Trip!

edited August 2014 in India and Asia
Hello everybody, first time here taking suggestion from you, hope you people will give right suggestion.

I am planing to travel Andaman in Feb and March in 2014, my trip will be at least 7 days. The question is I am planing travel myself that means without taking help of any tour-operator. I wanna book air ticket and hotel through online.

Is it good to book everything by myself  or i want take help of tour operator.


  • Hi paulsd,

                    In my point of view, you take the help
    of the tour operators. I am saying that because I feel it good in my real
    experience. It is true I am not also going to Andaman but also going to many
    other places. Last vacation I had visited in Auckland through the help of TT
    Shuttles guide. I have no idea that in central Auckland how visited, what I
    took for travel and, which was better for me for traveling in Auckland bus or
    taxi. I don't know anything about this. At last, while I was net suffering
    before travel, I found one best travel service. I feel comfortable with that
    service, and it is so reliable and timely travel service. It reached any places
    at the correct time. Really, it helped me very much so that I am so much happy
    for that. So I think it is better for you.

                   Hi, this is August 2014 so how you can visit in Feb and
    March in 2014. 

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