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Romance scammer?

edited August 2014 in - USA
I met a man on Christian mingles, he has an accent states he is German/ Irish. He has been emailing for over a month and phoning also. Widowed for five years, moved from Brooklyn NY to Miami Florida email [email protected] Name is Andrew Thomas White, one daughter age 31 one grand child. He states he is an engineer got a government contract in Cairo Egypt, will be their five weeks. From the time of his arrival he states two packages of equipment worth 15 thousand dollars is missing from the shipping port. He only took 10 thousand dollars with him, Doesn't know what he is going to do. A week later he began to ask Can I send anything to help him, If I cared. For him " BY GOD Grace" I would help him, he doesn't understand why I would not assist him. I simply stated the truth I don't have that kind of money to just. Send off their. He asked me to marry him. All the romantic emails he has sent are lovely, I want badly to believe him, Yet I can not tract the phone number he uses, Its listed in that same name to four different states of people with the same name, same number different ages. All Red flags to me, but my heart is vested here. After getting past this point , he says he can't use his bank card in Cairo to have funds from his bank transfered he had logged on to his bank account and was locked out stating it not his IP address, So I phoned the corporate bank head quarters he states he uses , they stated yes they could get his funds to him overnight he just needs to call.. I passed that information to him, but he didn't call. Nor will he provide me with the name of this hotel in Cairo that he is staying in. Again red flags. I mentioned to him that I had read the safety tips on Christian mingle and they always state do no send any form of money to any one. He quickly stated he is not that kind of man. Next few days,His computer was stolen from his hotel room, His cell phone isn't working proper. He's almost out of funds doesn't know what he is going to do.. Again I reminded him his own bank is available to him. No calls for four days. Then he phones The hotel manager is wanting to see him about the hotel charges he doesn't have the funds to pay. I again have reminded him he has his bank sitting waiting for his call to get his funds overnight. I can't get this guy really. I can't trace his phone number it comes up in four states listed to four different age people, The closest match to the age he gave is in Tennessee where. He states he lived once and is associated with another number at that address , when phoning it there is an automatic message the line you have reached is unavailable. The IP trace shows up as Washington state, Because it Microsoft outlook. Now again No called for four days, no text response also. I traced the photos he sent me they do not show up anywhere at all on the internet. How can I truly find out once and for all if this man is legit ?


  • You still believe this man to be legitimate even after all the issues you have flagged up? He is a scammer and all he wants is money not marriage but hard cash, you need to cut all contact with him. 

  • This is a classic scam. This man is likely sitting in an internet cafe thinking up new disasters to get you to send money. If you look through this thread, you'll see dozens of stories just like yours. My advice would be to cut off all contact with this man and find someone local who you can meet face-to-face.
  • I thought he was local. I have not phoned him back at all, nor have I emailed him as well. He had sent a post to me to send some funds to him in another mans name, He gave his name, his address in Egypt and also a phone number for that guy as well as a phone number he say is direct to his hotel room their. But I didn't bother to respond to him. I did a trace on this numbers he gave with a 20 country code, it only state it is a cell phone, bit not actually where it is located at all. What an absolute shame on such people! They treat you like some fish they bait and hook and try to reel in to a fake relationship. I am so upset truly , and hurt also. I do,1:35:11 PM understand why even a christian site would not verify people at all. It was such a waist of money to even use the site. The shame in it too, is that men who you actually meet in person try and do the same thing, you don't get truth from them also . There should be some web site available online where it will trace these Voip cell numbers and reveal the actual location of these number. As I understand now that people like this can have a number routed through many places, but still towers are able to ping that number and give a location. But I don't think there is anything out their as such. It would save a lot of men and women from the hurt and the scam.
  • Unfortunately there is no way to completely protect ourselves from technology, the only way is to be vigilant and recognise the warning signs. Good luck!
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    I too met a man by the name of Michael Jones on Date Hook Up. He says he is an engineer working in Nigeria. Has told me he wants me to be his wife. Spelling is very bad. I talked to him, he called me, all it took was 5 second and he sounded from there but claims to be from Delta, Alabama. He keeps saying his contract is up, and he is coming home next week. He was going to fly straight to Nevada to see me, then changed his mind and thought it best he go home first then come see me. He even asked if I wanted him to bring me anything back. He has not asked me for one dime and calls me his queen. I need some insight please.
  • This man is supposed to be an educated engineer but he has bad spelling? Bad spelling, foreign accent, working in Nigeria these are all the hallmarks of a scammer.
    I and others have written on this site how to spot a scammer its even here
    I believe you are in contact with a scammer. Before he leaves Nigeria a catastrophe (sometimes more than one) will befall him. Car accident, illness, robbery, coma, put in jail and so on, all need you to send money to help him. That's how the scam works.
    Dump him before it costs you.
  • Has anyone met Trevor Brown from Tennessee.. but works from his home, and travels to Hong Kong quite frequently. He has found me on and actually I almost fell for his charm but.. it kind of got too thick. Emailing me very lovely and beautifully written emails with questions about me and what I like. Telling me of his family. Asking me for more pictures of me. Then we got on Yahoo Messenger. I in error clicked the phone part of Yahoo and up came his phone number. A California cell phone number. He sent more pictures of himself and is a rather attractive man. He did look Italian and told me he had a very strong Italian accent. So I took the chance one afternoon and called him. I was having doubts that he was who he was as the emails only came in during the early morning and never after that. When someone answered the phone, you could hear several other voices. They actually sounded.. like a call center and possibly Asian or something. The man on the phone, when I asked for Trevor, said I had the wrong number. Then I hung up. All of a sudden I got a call back saying this was Trevor and I just called. Well I asked a few questions like why he is named Trevor Brown when he is from Malta and is Italian. He sounded like he had an Italian but possibly other accent. After our call.. which lasted all of 5 minutes. I blocked phone numbers and emails and also blocked him on

    Today I find another email professing his love for me via email (we have exchanged 7 emails and now he loves me) And he sent me song lyrics from a Daughtry song.

    Before I completely write this man off.. anyone else talk to him. On Match he goes by Scarlettcleenman

    Thanks for your help

  • Paula, no one has spoken to Trevor Brown because he does not exist. . It is so obvious he is a scammer. You block his his phone numbers and emails yet he still manages to email you a romantic message and you think twice about writing him off. Seems to me some people want to be scammed.
  • Paula, I think you know he's a scammer. Please write him off immediately.
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