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edited August 2014 in Europe
Hi. I want to travel to France, Germany, Switzerland, And Italy. For honeymoon. Does one schengen issued from the start point France allow me to enter all the countries? I am from Dubai.
Another question can I travel in between these countries by bus or rented car?? Or planes?? If by plane does it cost the same if I don't hold schengen??


  • The whole concept of the Schengen visa is to allow people to travel throughout the Schengen zone without borders and one visa. So yes, you can enter in France and then go to Germany  Switzerland and Italy as there are no borders.

    As for renting a car and travelling to other countries, that is down to the car hire company if they allow you to do that. There are lots of bus companies that travel throughout Europe, so do trains.

    If you do not have a Schengen visa you can't board a plane to fly to a Schengen country, they do check passports at airports. Prices are the same for everyone, companies do not charge extra for those who have a visa.
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